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Shih Tzu Spa Talk!

Health & Wellness Topic: Yeast Overgrowth

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Topics covered in this section: Yeast Overgrowth in the Intestine


1-What is Yeast Overgrowth? What are the symptoms I would see in my dog?

How Can I Treat It? What Does The Holistic Anti Yeast Protocol Involve? What Do I Need To Do?
-Organic, Fresh Food Elimination Diet (1P+1 low glycemic carb for 6 weeks at a time, for the duration of the Protocol Phase.
-Calcium Balancing in Recipes- Chart
-Tincture Dosing Chart
-Testing urine pH


2-How Long Do I Have To Do The Protocol?
- a minimum of 6 mos. Rule of thumb= 6 mos of treatment for every year the dog has had the yeast overgrowth issue.


3-What is Detox? What Can I Expect During This Phase of the Protocol?


4-I Don't Have A Holistic Vet. How Can I Find One?
-link to Holistic Vet site


5-I Need Some Support. Are There Any Support Groups to Help Me Along?
-You can join or lurk on my Shih Tzu Spa Talk! message board. Unfortunately, Ezboard lost hundreds of posts and member Yeast Protocol Diaries and Journals, due to a wide spread Ezboard hacker attack. So, if you find any helpful info on the board, I highly suggest you SAVE it to your hard drive. Reading the experiences of others can be the best help. You will be able to gauge what to expect, by seeing the similarities as well as differences in the detox phases of various dogs. 

Other groups which are of help on the subject of Yeast Overgrowth:

A- (Darleen's article on Yeast Overgrowth)
Beware that although most of the info on Yeast Overgrowth is perfect for Shih Tzus, there are a few points I did not agree with for our breed:
1- do NOT feed a Shih Tzu any spinach. This is too high in oxalate, and can lead to kidney issues.
2- cook meats to "rare". Do not cook to 6 hours!  Adding raw meat to boiling water, and then simmering for 15 min is sufficient.
3-you MUST balance the phosphorous (in meat and veggies) with CALCIUM. I cannot stress this enough. So, please DO follow the calcium amounts that Lew has laid out in her RECIPES (read more about this in the RECIPE section).

B  (Lew's article on Yeast Overgrowth)

C -yahoo k9 nutrition group
This is Lew's group. While many to do not neccessarily believe in yeast overgrowth of the intestine being a common issue, you can still get some good help on this group.

D - Great Dane Lady (great info on yeast overgrowth, however, I do not advocate the use of the products mentioned. I did not use them. The product, Oxy Drops, works on an "alkalizing" basis, and is contradictory to the "acidifying" protocol I used when fighting the yeast overgrowth in my dog. Therefore, I cannot comment on the Nzymes product's effectiveness. 

E - (excellent information and photos of yeast overgrowth in dogs, however, again, I cannot comment on the effectiveness of their products. I did not use them. I did buy them but later threw them away, as I decided to go with the other protocol: Azmira, etc).



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