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Shih Tzu Spa Talk!

Grooming Tools

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Shih Tzu Grooming Tools:
I have relied on these tools for the past 3 yrs, to keep my Shih Tzu in full coat. They are fabulous. The ones I mention (brands) are ones that have passed my Shih Tzu test. And believe me, I've tried a lot of products. So, you can rest assured, these are the best of the best. 

Tool Box:
Tip: I use an empty Baby Wipes box to keep a lot of the smaller items (maintenance and show bands, bows, etc). I use Ziplock bags to store brushes, combs, toothpaste and brush, etc etc. I put all of the above in a sport-duffle bag. I also have my Tzu's potty bags, baby wipes (soft pack), hair trimmer, groom sprays, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, etc all stored in the bag for "travel ease". Her mainstay supply of shampoos, conditioners, colognes, etc mainly sit in what used to be "my closet". (LOL)

Chris Christensen Oval Brush. I can't rave enough about this brush. It has rounded, smoothed "pin ends" (always use straight pinned brushes. do NOT use the "ball end pins", as they break the hair).  I use the 27mm Gold Series for her daily brushing. The Silver is nice also, but the pins are stiffer. I do have a 35mm Silver brush (the Gold 35mm was too flexible, and not suitable for every day brushing. The gold 35 mm is great for "fluffing" though.  I would assume that a 27mm silver (I have the Gold 27mm, as I said) would be very stiff pinned. The drawback with too stiff pins, is that it's easier to rip out hair if you are not very gentle. Whereas getting too flexible pins (such as in the Gold 35mm) is just not strong enough to pull through thick hair. So, if you have a cut down Tzu, a puppy, or even a full coated Tzu, I think the Gold 27mm is great (if you have a VERY VERY thick undercoated Tzu, then maybe the stiffer 27mm Silver would be good. The 35 mm Silver (longer pins, yet still sturdy and flexible, good for longer coats) would be between the Gold 27mm (flexible, but sturdy enough for most Tzu coat types) and the Silver 27mm (most stiff/sturdy, best for VERY dense coats). The Gold 27mm is fine for getting through my Tzus full coat (though, I will occasionally reach for the longer 27mm Silver too).

Medium/Coarse toothed, ergo handle come.

Flea Comb:
Good to comb puppy facial hair.

Rat-tail Bone Comb:
Sally's "orange" rattail comb. Ask them, they'll know which it is!

Gentle Slicker: #1 All Systems , size medium

Hair Trimmer:
Wahl Peanut or pen type from Cherrybrook

Round End Scissors:

Coarse Nail File (or dremmel)

Styptic Powder:

Visine or Bauch & Lomb Eye Drop TEARS (tears ONLY!!!)

Dog Tooth Brush and Toothpaste

Cotton balls

Ear Cleanser: Vet Solutions (acidifies and dries)

urine pH strips:

8in1 Tear Cleanser Pads

Eye Envy (tear stain remover)

Maintenance Bands:

Show Bow Bands:



Grooming Spray:

Rinseless Shampoo:

Stain Remover Shampoo (if you feed fresh food):



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